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My daughter has been at TNT Academy for only a few months but we have found it to be an excellent school and a good fit.  Middle school had been rough for my daughter.  She is smart, outgoing, and friendly and was excited about middle school initially. She was very popular and had a lot of friends.  But the mean kids quickly emerged and started bullying her.  It was relentless through 6th grade and continued at the beginning of 7th grade.  Although she tried to deal with it all, my daughter became increasingly depressed.  We talked to school counselors, psychiatrist and therapists, but she refused to go to school on many occasions and her grades had slipped as she was focused so much on what other kids were saying about her.  She transferred to a private school for several months and enjoyed the teachers and the curriculum but complained about the uniform and inability to “be herself” so transferred back to the public school.  The situation had not changed and the bullying continued.  My daughter complained that she couldn’t learn anything because the teachers had to spend the first 20 minutes of each class getting the kids to settle down and pay attention and only taught for about 10 minutes.  It was unbearably frustrating for us all.      

It was fortunate that I ran into a neighbor at the grocery store one afternoon.  She is a college student now but had struggled in high school.  I knew that she had attended a special program, but I didn’t know the specifics.  She asked how my daughter was doing and I related our struggles.  The neighbor suggested that we look at TNT Academy since she loved it, was successful there, and finished high school.   I went home and looked at the website.   I had hope.  The next day when my daughter refused to go to school, I told her about TNT Academy.  She wanted to look at the school.  We met with Nancy Gordeuk.  Nancy spent a lot of time with us as we explained my daughter’s middle school experience.  She understood where we were coming from.  Nancy told us everything we needed to know about TNT academy, the school’s philosophy, and the structure of the curriculum.  We met the counselors and saw the classrooms.  My daughter felt comfortable.  She asked me to withdraw her from public school that afternoon and started at TNT Academy the following day.  At TNT Academy, my daughter has been encouraged to take ownership of her education.  She is learning and flourishing.   She is no longer depressed, her confidence has been boosted, and she is enjoying her friends.

TNT Academy is important.  It provides an educational refuge for kids like mine.  I am greatly thankful that it exists.


  E. B.

My name is A. H  and I'm J. White’s mother.  My son graduated on May 8, 2015 from TNT.  Mrs. Nancy and her staff have been a blessing to my son and myself.  I have always seen them present themselves in a positive manner toward the kids and parents.  Please ensure that this schools is not impacted in a negative way.  TNT has a great curriculum. I would recommend TNT to any parent who is seeking education outside of the public school system.  TNT is a blessing to all students and parents.

Mrs Nancy was the best teacher I ever had and very professional. I was going to Loganville high school and then my mom passed away, I missed a lot of school. If it wasn't for Miss Nancy I would've never graduated high school and she helped me graduate half a year early.  She always took the time to help me, see how I was doing since the loss of my mom was a disheartening pressure on our family.  TNT and Mrs. Nancy always encouraged me to go to college or further my education in technical school.  TNT always encourages, they never discourage.  They love and care about you as an individual.  That is what makes TNT so unique.

Hunter Pollock

Graduate  December 2014


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