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1.  Traditional, private school that offers classes to middle and high school students.  Students change classes and go to the appropriate 

       teacher to receive instruction on the various courses needed to complete a high school education.


2.  Non-traditional program is set up for high school students only.  Students come in one day per week to turn in completed work and  

     receive new work.  This program is for the self-disciplined student that does not need instruction and wants to graduate early.  This 

     program works well for students that have health problems,  are on travel sports teams,  employment and many other factors.


3.  Credit Recovery program allows students from public schools to come to TNT Academy to recover a credit.  A transcript or counselor's

     paper is required to let us know what course or courses a student needs.  Two months are given toward recovering the credit.

     A cost of $150 for .5 credit (1 semester) and $300 1.0 credit (2 semester or the full year).  A deposit is required to get the work and 

     payments may be made until the monies are paid in full.  No transcript can be released until all monies are paid.


4.  Summer School takes place for five (5 ) weeks in the Summer beginning May 29.  Summer school ends on July 6.  Cost is 150 for 

      .5 credit and $300 for 1.0 full credit.   Summer School  takes place on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesdays only.


5.  Summer Camps (STEAM) for 3rd grade - 9th grades.  Weekly camps with certified STEAM teachers that will include rigorous camp

      activities that allows for learning while having fun.  This camp is not sponsored by any organization and is highly maintained for all

      students by TNT Academy.



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