5510 Lilburn-Stone Mountain Rd.

Stone Mountain, GA 30087


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Elementary School

Beginning in August 2018

Monday - Friday  8:30 am to 2:30 pm

Certified teachers in place

Montesori approach to teaching:   Guided group and individual centers, peer tutoring, Sensory- Motor skills

Cognitive development through the Five Senses, Mirrors the real work with Socilization and work with all ages and dispositions

Excellence in all work, success for your student

Field trips, in-school programs and more. . . . . . .


Extended Care will be available from 3 pm to 6 pm.  (Before care is being considered depending on the need).


We do not put prices on the website due to the fact that you can not compare apples with oranges.  We are different from the rest of the schools (private and government).  Our programs are individualized for each student to make sure of their success.

Ex.  If Student A in 4th grade excels in Math, then we will make sure they are doing 5th grade, and possibly 6th grade math to 

enhance their skills.

The same goes for a student that does not comprehend reading or some other subject..  Our staff of teachers will work with them individually and add extra activities to stretch the students a little farther for understanding to take place.  This in turn will build them up and place them where they need to be - on grade level  or above to be successful.




Registration, Medical and other forms coming soon!



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