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Jump Start Camp

Enrichment  skills for elementary , middle and 9th-10th graders

Math and Reading


$175.00 per week

or $800 for all 5 weeks

weeks of June 4 thur July 9

week of July2 - off



Introducing TNT ACADEMY Elementary School, starting August 2018.  Grades 1st through 5th. Montesori approach, peer tutoring, individual work and groups, cognitive skills through senses, mimic real life scenarios.  This is your chance to instill your child's education is the BEST.  Do not get lost in the government school shuffle, just because it is free.  You want your child to succeed and so do we.  Contact us for more information.  770.921.3690 or e-mail



An Accredited Private, Traditional Middle & High School



enrichment and skills for elementary, middle, and 9th/10th graders



TAKE CHARGE of the education of YOUR STUDENT!  Help them be the best they can be by utilizing our Private, Traditional school with small classes.



OPEN ENROLLMENT-  Come any time.

We can save your grades and career, help you get into college.

Withdraw and come to TNT Academy NOW, before your failing grades are placed on your transcript.


Take charge of your child's future!

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